Reset and Reform MS services - so that people with MS can live their best lives


Our new report, 'NHS Reset and Reform' looks at a roadmap to recovery for multiple sclerosis (MS) services across six key themes. However, every one of those themes must be considered with an overarching goal in mind: to ensure every person living with MS is able to live their best life.

Every intervention, solution, or innovation suggested in the report may bring a host of benefits to cost, resource, workforce and efficiency, but each must also benefit the patient, improving their experiences or outcomes.

Rachel Morrison, MS Specialist Nurse in NHS Western Isles, Scotland, was one of the professionals who contributed to the report and she highlights how she’s cut through the bureaucracy of multiple patient notes and patient conversations with a digital MS passport. In this short video, she shares her experiences of rolling this out as a handheld, personal record - to people living with MS in her area.

'People living with MS often find it difficult to keep an up to date record and history of their MS and this is reported back to clinicians all the time. The number of people involved in care can be minimised if their previous history is documented in a clear and organised way.

...After using the passport, people reported feeling much more empowered, and activated in their care.'

Rachel Morrison, MS Specialist Nurse, NHS Western Isles

You can read more about Rachel's project, find out about people's feedback on the physical, psychological, emotional and social benefits of the Passport, and view a poster of the work, in our MasterClass project archive.

Taken from p35 of 'NHS Reset and Reform'

One of the themes of our report directly addresses health inequalities in people with MS, and the proven impact that positive lifestyle changes can have on how anyone with MS experiences their condition.

Dr Agne Straukiene, Consultant Neurologist at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, and contributor to the report is passionate about digital interventions and healthy lifestyle management. In this short video, she mentions the variety of technology which enabled her to support her MS patients during the pandemic after losing staff to frontline services, and highlights the importance of prioritising and supporting self-management.

'I invest a lot of energy in education and self-management for people with MS through the MS Connect app, BeeWellwithMS podcast…

The challenge for how we can share this information well, and encourage people with MS to take control of their lifestyles is becoming an essential aspect of treatment in MS.'

Dr Agne Straukiene, Consultant Neurologist, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

You can find out more about the MS Connect app Agne refers to in our recent article, watch a video featuring staff and people with MS who use the app locally and find the BeeWellwithMS podcast for people with MS via Spreaker.

To learn more about 'NHS Reset and Reform', read the written report here.

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