Reset and Reform MS services: through commissioning & service management

15 Mar 2021

NHS Reset and Reform highlights the priorities for a national prevention agenda through the NHS Long Term Plan, and for local integrated service delivery through the new planning bodies across the country - and demonstrates how these are essential to the future delivery of MS services.

'MS commissioning is really complicated. It involves, not only specialised commissioning and NHSE, but also CCGs and what will become the ICSs. As we move into a time where everything is changing in the NHS, it's the perfect time to work out as an MS community, what we want. Let's get things commissioned properly.'

Joela Mathews, Lead Neuroscience Pharmacist, Barts Health NHS Trust

From a focus on place-based care and prevention, to reducing unnecessary hospital admissions, and encouraging people to engage in positive lifestyle changes to both manage and treat their MS: tomorrow's transformation begins at a planning level today.

Figure taken from p15 of NHS Reset and Reform, 2021

'Capacity is, of course limited... we need to ensure we are working together as a neurological sector... The opportunities for us to influence are ripe, post-COVID. The challenge is for us to work together to make the most of it.'

Georgina Carr, CEO of the Neurological Alliance

The importance of integration at every level cannot be overstressed, and the report makes it abundantly clear that true place-based care is reliant on integration across services and support for physical, mental, emotional and social health.

This is vital both to optimally support people with MS, but also to make the best use of the services available across any given community. Specialist MS services are not necessarily au fait with working with colleagues from across the community health, social care and voluntary sector on a regular basis. There can also be a tendency to consider only the 'bit' of the pathway, or indeed of the condition, that each particular service interacts with - to move forward effectively, the whole of the person and their varied needs must be considered equally.

The role of social prescribing and community services which fall outside of the traditional health space have an important role in maximising people's overall health and wellbeing, encouraging self-management and preventing avoidable disease progression.

Thinking about the whole pathway approach will need to become standard for the future and will require new ways of working and new partnerships to be developed.

To learn more about 'NHS Reset and Reform', read the written report here.

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