This week is Brain Health week… welcome to module 5


As a global population, the incidence of neurological disease is on the rise, dementia just one group of conditions within this area. This week, as opposed to considering the need to prevent dementia, we flip the focus. What if we all prioritised the health of our brains?

This week, we hear about why brain health is so important, and why we need to discuss optimising brain health, rather than preventing cognitive decline.

Dr Ross Dunne presents a clear and detailed background to brain health, and shares the evidence for both addressing brain health in populations, and the reasons why talking about brain health can prove so positive in our populations.

With a brilliant interview with Professor Craig Ritchie, and many ideas for using brain health as a thematic area to improve the quality of healthcare and services in your local area, this module sets out a positive direction for the age-old answer to reducing disease: by prioritising health.

Important announcement: changes to module 8

Module 8 of this virtual course was originally intended as a live session where delegates would present their ideas for a local quality improvement project. However, we have been thrilled to receive over 70 delegate applications from across the UK, and as a result, we have reframed the way delegates can share their project concepts and collaborate with each other.

The module, scheduled for 26th March, will be replaced by video submissions which Dementia Academy will assess and align according to theme, encouraging national or local collaboration as appropriate.

Each delegate carrying out a quality improvement project will be required to submit a short audio or video presentation of no longer than 3 minutes to the Academy, detailing their project idea or concept. Please note that projects are only mandatory for Greater Manchester delegates.

Within a 5 day period, Dementia Academy will contact you with suggested colleagues across the UK who are considering a similar theme or concept to you, and suggesting peers you might support or collaborate with on your project. All presentations will be uploaded to your online learning space so that you can review the presentations by those peers we align you with, for you to take forward as you feel is appropriate.

You will have a 4 week period to collaborate as you choose, and to firm up your project into a clear plan, which you will share via a live session with the wider group (date to be confirmed).

In August, you will be invited to share a 5 minute presentation of your project and its initial outputs or outcomes with your wider peer group.

To assist you in recording your project idea for submission, this step by step video how to use Zoom to record your short audio or video presentation: 'How to' make a short video or audio file on Zoom

Please send your completed video as an email attachment or WeTransfer file to

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