We've joined the Neurological Alliance!

12 Feb 2021

Neurology Academy is thrilled to announce our membership to the Neurological Alliance - a joining of two different neurological communities with shared priorities.

The Neurological Alliance provides an invaluable insight into the lived experience of people with neurological conditions, acting as the collective voice of the voluntary sector representatives they are formed of. They present cohesive and clear arguments for improved policy by bringing together the commonalities across neurological conditions without overlooking the nuances of each.

Neurology Academy is dedicated to influencing and supporting improvement of neurological care and services at a national level through practical education. We are also proud to support sharing of best practice and innovation to cast light on positive areas of work, encourage optimising of services, and reduce unwanted variance across the country. Our mission is to raise standards of care through transformational education and clinical leadership - which is felt in a meaningful way by those living with neurological conditions.

This partnership with the Neurological Alliance is an incredible opportunity to create a true 'neurological community' by bringing together the voices of healthcare professionals working in neurology, and the voices of those living with a neurological condition.

Sarah Gillett, Managing Director of Neurology Academy, said

'By sharing knowledge, experience and expertise, we hope to make a real and impactful difference to the lived experiences of people with neurological conditions across the country, and to the experiences of those professionals dedicated to supporting them.'