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The national neurology services dashboard – accessing and navigating the data

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09 May 2024

If you work in neurology or with people living with a neurological condition, the neurology transformation programme is the policy to know about. When you understand the current NHS priorities, you can see how they map onto your own service priorities, engage stakeholders, collaborate with others, and steer real, transformative change for your local area.

The lack of information about the organisation and quality of neurology services across England has been a real hindrance to anyone involved in trying to improve those services and develop new pathways of care. The neurology data dashboard displays a wealth of useful metrics in a user friendly format, that are updated regularly and benchmarked against all other areas of the country - it's an essential resource for anyone in a leadership, management or commissioning role

Martin Wilson, consultant neurologist, clinical adviser NHSE neurosciences transformation programme

In order to transform services for the better, we need to be able to understand what is going on with them now, and accurate data is an important part of that picture.

In this webinar Dr Martin Wilson will explain how this dashboard can support clinicians, providers and commissioners. He will demonstrate its key features, show recent updates, provide tips on navigating the data, and tell you how to get access now.

A National Data Dashboard for neurology Services

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