Multiple Sclerosis Academy

About MS courses

MS Academy operates on a tiered system with each level suited to a different professional ability. Level 1 'Basecamp' is aimed at junior doctors at C1, C2 and neurology registrars at ST3, whilst 'Foundation' (level 2 and 3) is best for neurology registrars at ST4 or 5, as well as trainee GPs, band 6 support or community nurses and band 6 therapists. Each level increases in specialism peaking at level 6 'Cutting Edge', new in 2021, providing the latest in practice-applicable research in a conference format for expert MS specialists.

To understand which course level is right for you, see our detailed table below.
Level 1
Level 2 & 3
Level 4 & 5
Cutting Edge
Level 6

New to role pharmacists post clinical diploma who will be involved in MS (non-rotational)

Pharmacists who are more established in their MS role including prescribing pharmacists, team leads

Pharmacists who are are involved in trust MDTs and team leads (and consultants neurology pharmacists)


Band 7 MS Specialist Nurses

Band 7/8 Community Nurses/Matrons

Band 8 Consultant/Lead MS Specialist Nurse

Band 8 Consultant/Lead MS Specialist Nurse

Neurologists / registrars / GPs

Internal medicine trainees and first year neurology trainees IMT1,IMT2 & ST3. (Working on medical rotations including acute medicine)

Specialty trainees in neurology at an intermediate stage of training (ST4,ST5) working in general neurology and acute neurology.

Trainee GPs

Senior neurology specialty trainees ST6 planning to specialise in MS. New neurology and neurorehabilitation consultants

GPwSI Neurology Experienced GP

Established MS specialist consultant neurologists and neuro-rehabiltation specialists

GPwSI Neurology Experienced GP

Other AHPs

Band 7 MS specialist therapists / practitioners

Band 7/8 Neurorehabilitation therapist

Newly Qualified Neuropsychologists

MS service managers/MS quality and safety managers

Band 8/consultant MS specialist therapists / practitioners

Band 8 Neurorehabilitation therapists (Completion of Level 2&3 essential)

Experienced Neuropsychologists

Band 8/consultant MS specialist therapists/ practitioners

Band 8 Neurorehabilitation therapists (Completion of Level 4&5 essential)

Experienced Neuropsychologists (Completion of Level 4&5 essential)

This is the first MS educational course I have been involved in that I have come away from and thought, ‘Yes we can make a difference’

Prof Gavin Giovannoni