How COVID-19 influenced MS Service in Hull – Implementation of Official Guidelines and Recommendations

By Dr Iulia Danciut, an associate specialist from Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


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To evaluate:

  • the impact that COVID-19 had on the MS service in Hull,
  • how guidance was implemented
  • what improvements could be made.


  • The MS service in Hull was affected by COVID across several domains.
  • A change of practice plan was developed and implemented.
  • Implementation of changes in unprecedented times is dependent on mental flexibility and proactive behaviours.

Key findings

  • Clear actionable planning was put in place across 5 domains to address change:
    • staff redeployment / role changes
    • access to MS specialist doctors and nurses
    • access to treatment
    • safety monitoring
    • treatment decisions
  • National guidance from the ABN, which evolved throughout the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, was followed.
  • Some areas of improvement were identified.

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