MS Resources

MS Resources: Useful Links

Topical resources

  • Barts MS Research Blog
    MS research news by the Barts MS team
  • ClinicSpeak
    Resource for MSers, their families and clinicians. It is an ongoing project by Prof Gavin Giovannoni
  • MS-Selfie
    Microsite for MSers by Prof Gavin Giovannoni
  • Presentation slides
    By Prof Gavin Giovannoni
  • MS Brain Health
    This initiative emerged from the publication of an evidence-based international consensus report "Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis"
  • MS Trust
    Resources for health professionals
  • MS Decisions
    The MS Trust's guide to the disease modifying drugs approved for treating relapsing remitting MS
  • MS Society
    MS care and support
  • ABN guidelines
    Association of British Neurologists
  • NICE guidelines
    Multiple sclerosis in adults: management
  • NeuroCompass
    MS medical education and patient management resources for healthcare professionals
  • StayingSmart
    Learn more about cognitive difficulties in MS. Build confidence in managing them. Share useful information.
    UK Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Nurse Association
  • is the social network for people with multiple sclerosis
    Clinical pharmacy association
  • Policy Lab
    A guide to MS clinical trials
  • EAN
    European Academy of Neurology