Parkinson's Academy

Research Engagement – Becoming involved with Parkinson’s research

For a number of years we have received feedback at the Parkinson’s Academy about including sessions about research. Taking these responses and working with The Cure Parkinson’s Trust(CPT) and NIHR leads Dr Camille Carroll and Professor Oliver Bandmann, and the Academy’s Dr Peter Fletcher, we designed the Research Engagement Meeting for professionals who are becoming or aspire to become involved with Parkinson’s research on many different levels.

The result was a stimulating meeting that started with defining the landscape of Parkinson’s research, showcasing how to move from a great research idea to delivering it in clinic, via giving an overview of how to get started in research and the support that is available whilst embracing the considerations from the perspectives of those living with the condition, and pragmatic approaches from those who have just started the journey.

In his introduction to the meeting CPT Trustee and Parkinson’s Academy Founding Faculty member Dr Peter Fletcher noted that we are currently at an interesting intersection in that there are trials of potentially disease modifying treatments underway and more on the horizon. The picture is changing rapidly and with urgency which makes this an exciting time to become involved in Parkinson’s research and importantly make that research available to patients.