Dr Emily Henderson

Academic Consultant Geriatrician
Royal United Hospitals, Bath

Dr Emily Henderson is an Academic Consultant Geriatrician with an interest in Parkinson’s disease and related disorders at the Royal United Hospitals, Bath and a Honorary Consultant Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol. She was awarded a fellowship from Parkinson’s-UK and The Association of British Neurologists to undertake a PhD in preventing falls in Parkinson’s. The results of this phase II trial were published in Lancet Neurology in 2016. Her research interests lie in gait disorders and cognitive function, movement disorders and clinical trials in older people.

In 2018, she awarded as PI, a NIHR HTA grant for £2.1 million to run a phase III trial of cholinesterase inhibitors for falls in Parkinson’s disease across 26 UK centres. She is the UK lead for PRIME-PD, a £10 million international collaboration with the Gatsby foundation to innovate Parkinson’s care services within the NHS. From inception until 2018, she was the Lead for the South West Parkinson’s Excellence Network. Currently she is Lead for Ageing and Subspecialty Lead for Parkinson’s disease in the West of England Clinical Research Network (CRN). Nationally, she is Chair of the British Geriatric Society Movement Disorder Section (BGSMDS), sits on the National Parkinson’s Disease Portfolio Development Group (PD-PDG) and is a Faculty member of the Parkinson’s Academy.

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