Mathew Garrod

Lead pharmacist for neurosciences and specialist pharmacist in migraine
University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Mathew has been working in a pharmacy setting for over 17 years. He is currently the Lead Pharmacist for Neurosciences, and the Migraine Specialist Pharmacist, at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

Part of his role involves leading a team of pharmacists dedicated to providing pharmacy services, to a range of neurosciences patients, at their tertiary referral centre. He also works as part of the headache referral team, helping to manage patients with a variety of different headache conditions. Currently, Mathew runs his own clinics for patients prescribed anti-CGRP and Gepant therapies, for use as migraine prophylactic agents.

Mathew is an independent prescriber, with a focus on migraine therapies.

Mathew has provided teaching to a variety of different audiences. Most recently to post-graduate pharmacists undertaking a clinical diploma, as a visiting lecturer at the University of Reading.

Has has also been awarded an HEE-NIHR Clinical Academic Internship. This allowed him to conduct research into wrong-patient electronic prescribing, work which was then published in JAMIA Open.

Mathew is a member of the British Association for the Study of Headache (BASH).

When not at work, Mathew enjoys riding his motorbike and taking his two young children on adventures.