Bionic Neurons Could Replace Failing Brain Circuits

Artificial neurons are being developed which could be implanted into patients with failing brain circuits. This revolutionary process could help patients overcome paralysis, alzheimers and even the aging process. The bionic neurons are capable of interacting with the healthy nerve cells, receiving and processing electrical signals before sending new signals out to the rest of the body.

These artificial neurons are not implanted directly into the brain, but built into microscopic, low-power microchips, which can plug straight into the nervous system. These intercept signals and interact with the brain, so they can stimulate the rest of the body. This technology is truly phenomenal, with applications across almost every neurological condition: neurons are the basic unit of our nervous system, so being able to fix them artificially would change neurology as we know it.

The technology experienced a breakthrough when researchers were able to model the firing patterns of neurons in silicon chips with 94% accuracy. There is still a long way to go until a procedure like this will be ready for human implants, as trials and regulations will have to establish the safety of the procedure. A huge step has been made though, and this sort of technology will be available in a few years, where it would previously have been thought completely impossible.

To learn more about pioneering research like this, register for the European Neuro Convention, Europe’s only trade event for brain and spine experts running on the 17th and 18th March at the NEC, Birmingham.

The European Neuro Convention prides itself on its impressive education stream, offering visitors the chance to learn about the newest developments in the Neuro industry in over 150 CPD accredited seminars. There will be speakers such as Dr Alex Green, Neuro specialist at the University of Oxford speaking about the neuromodulation of the autonomic nervous system, Dr Ines Violante on “Multimodal brain stimulation in brain injury”, and Dr Nick Davis speaking on “Towards precision treatment and enhancement with non-invasive brain stimulation.”

What’s more, there will be in excess of 200 market leading exhibitors present at the event, all showcasing their latest technologies, products, and services that are designed to improve neurological patients’ outcomes. You will be able to meet with businesses such as Ottobock Healthcare, Rewalk Robotics, Parkinson’s UK, and many more..

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