Connectedness, community and 5k commitments – World MS Day

04 Jun 2021

On Sunday 30th May, thousands of people around the globe celebrated World MS Day.

This year's World MS Day theme was 'Not alone' and celebrated connectivity - and whilst the day has passed, the campaign to promote connectedness and community amongst those affected by MS continues.

'The #MSConnections campaign is all about building community connection, self-connection, and connections to quality care. It is vital that we build supportive and nurturing communities for people affected by MS.'

For Neurology Academy, supporting the community of professionals working in MS services and care is a core focus, and this year, we chose to support MS Trust's 5k for MS Day. Tying in with #5kMay, a UK-wide campaign initiated by Run for Heroes and being used to raise funds and awareness for a whole host of reasons, MS Trust's 5k for MS Day followed the same format.

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Image from MS Trust

Each member of Neurology Academy committed to completing a collective 500k during May as well as completing their 5k for MS Day.

Those in the office elected to cover their 5k together at Hillsborough Park, either running or walking the course as a group. Home-based team members set out solo, with a lakeside walk, a Highlands hike and a 50/50 walk and swim split between them.

As a reward to the team for clocking up 606km during 5k May through swimming, running, cycling or walking, Managing Director Sarah Gillett matched the distance in donations to the MS Trust.

More information

  • You can watch the global concert hosted by World MS Day on demand via YouTube, or get involved in the #MSConnections campaign.

  • Many of the UK charities held individual campaigns in MS Awareness Week, in March this year, and MS Society is already ramping up for #MSWeek 2022.

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