Education with impact 2022-2023: the project reports

02 Oct 2023

Our ethos is for 'transformational learning' - and we are always thrilled to see the range and impact of the workplace projects which are an integral part of many of our MasterClass courses and take place in the six month period between modules one and two.

This month, we will be releasing a number of short reports highlighting the common themes, core learning, and valuable insights across 2022-23 projects for MS, Parkinson's and dementia.

The valuable work, entirely resulting from the hard work of the delegates that attend our courses, demonstrates these healthcare professionals' dedication to improving the experiences of their patients and to putting into practice the learning they receive from the Academy.

'It's brilliant to see so many different projects addressing the needs of neurological populations within the changing landscape of the NHS. A lot of our services are facing similar opportunities and challenges, and we can learn from each other.

Rather than problem-solving from scratch or reinventing the wheel, we can pre-empt obstacles, fast-track solutions and effect change, just by hearing each other's experiences and taking them on board. That's what these reports are for. Celebrating delegates' work, recognising their learning, and making it easier to apply it to other services and places.'

Sarah Gillett, managing director, Neurology Academy

With encouragement from peers, signoff from managers and an option of mentorship through Neurology Academy, delegates are supported to address a local issue through a short-term project - which sometimes acts as a springboard for further service improvement.

Despite being locally motivated, most projects can be replicated or adapted to achieve similar outcomes in other areas, whilst challenges faced can also be learned from and avoided or mitigated against, in the future.

The projects carried out within each condition area shed light on the challenges particularly facing those patients, or the services supporting them, and each report summarises some of these challenges, and provides five 'Top tips and takeaways' captured through one or more projects.

We'd encourage you to have a flick through these reports in the coming weeks, and to look through over 400 past projects housed on our website. You can also read previous 'Education with Impact' reports, including 'Supportive skeletons: addressing bone health in Parkinson's' reviewing projects around bone health in Parkinson's, 'Quality improvement in mild cognitive impairment', and 'MS: Education with impact' reviewing 5 years of MS Academy.

Find out more about the project aspect of our courses, our mentorship programme, and more via

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