Epilepsy Academy launches this summer

15 Jul 2021

Epilepsy is a condition which has featured in a number of Neurology Academy's cross-educational sessions such as neuropharmacy, neurology network managers, and others, but until now, it has not had a dedicated educational space of its own.

This August, however, we are launching an entirely open-access educational programme bringing together epilepsy-focussed sessions from across other courses and platforms.

'It's so important that more professionals understand how to best support someone with epilepsy - so many people are living with the condition, but it's still so misunderstood'

said Sarah Gillett, Managing Director of Neurology Academy.

'We have this content, created by brilliant specialists - why not make it more widely available? The more we can do to raise awareness, and to enable healthcare professionals to provide the best possible care and support, the better.'

The content, which will be made freely accessible to anyone with an NHS email address will be online for a six month period, whilst new content may be added during the same period.

Beginning with sessions covering what epilepsy is, and its diagnosis and treatment, other sessions will look at supporting epilepsy in women including during pregnancy, sharing people's personal experiences of living with epilepsy, and practical examples of epilepsy service optimisation during the pandemic.

Epilepsy Academy will launch this August - find its quick-link, and that of all our other Academies, via neurologyacademy.org/academies

Optimised education, compassionate care

Epilepsy Academy seeks to raise awareness of epilepsy, equipping professionals to deliver compassionate, holistic care that transforms people's lives.