Getting prepped – where will your project take you?

25 Apr 2019

The Neurology Academy’s unique blend of education puts a heavy emphasis on the practical, and integral to our Parkinson's Advanced MasterClasses is the inter-module project. For some this can be an exciting opportunity to get stuck into an audit, or service development project that they have been waiting impatiently to carry out, but for others it can feel a daunting task.Our mentors, alongside the peer support network that forms easily within our MasterClass settings, are perfectly placed to plant ideas, nudge along half-formed plans, or encourage action as needed, and often a presentation given by one of our faculty can be all it takes to galvanise a delegate into action.However, coming along to the Parkinson's MasterClass with an understanding of some local or national projects starting out can be a good place to begin if you don’t have your heart set on something particular.Here and There are a team who have been developing lifestyle monitoring systems in use across the country. These first generation systems give a global view of the activity of a frail or vulnerable person in their home using off-body sensors. These are used for both temporary OT assessments and more permanently as part of a care package, usually with whole family co-operation, to retain the independence of an elderly or infirm relative.They are now advancing this work, and are seeking collaborative researchers to evaluate some exciting new lifestyle monitoring technology. This sort of advancing technology is ideally placed to support self-monitoring and the patient empowerment agenda, whilst collecting data that physicians can use to gain a more accurate picture of a patient’s activity when compared with a one-off clinical assessment.If you are attending this June’s MasterClass 36A and are looking for a possible intermodule project – or if you are a practitioner with a passion for telemedicine – please get in touch for more information on how to get involved as a collaborator on this project.

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