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National Neurology Transformation Meeting is now accessible on-demand! This meeting was packed with practical insight across challenges and opportunities, with real world examples of problem-solving, new ways of working, whole-system change and available tools to support information or collaboration. With some incredible takeaways for future transformation that you don't want to miss - register now!


Effective delivery of integrated neurology care will require a different approach from April 2024 when the commissioning of specialised neurology services will be delegated to integrated care boards (ICBs). There is currently widespread unwarranted variation in the provision of neurology services (Neurology GIRFT Report 2021) and widespread inequity of service delivery.

My Neuro Survey has further demonstrated that people affected by neurological conditions are subject to widespread variation in both access and experience of services.

The full delegation of neurology services to Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) will be in place by April 2024 but there are several questions without clear answers at present:

  • What are the practicalities of the neurology service delegation?

  • How will the new three tier neurology service model - meaning almost all of Tier 1 and 2 services will be delivered by the ICB - work in practice?

  • How will ICBs deliver services within their ICB footprint?

  • How will ICBs work together to deliver services across multi-ICS footprints?

  • How will the finances work?


What will I get from this meeting?

Transforming neurology services is a high priority for the NHS at present, but not necessarily for ICBs.

This meeting is a springboard towards understanding and effecting necessary change, and will address:

  • the impact of ICBs for neurology services
  • the implications of specialised neurology delegation
  • a national view of neurology transformation
  • how we can use data to improve pathways and performance
  • shared ideas about local transformation initiatives.
Target audience

If you are a neurology clinical lead, neuroscience clinical director, service or business manager, or ICB neurology commissioner, we want to support you with practical insights and early networking opportunities.

Approximate time to complete

With approximately 5 hours of sessions, we anticipate this course to take 1 day to complete.

Cost of the meeting

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