Improving pharmacist-led structured medication reviews in MS

06 Jan 2023

MS Academy faculty member Dr David Paling interviewed pharmacist Krystyna Kristosiuk about her experiences on the Foundation and Advanced MasterClasses, and the project she carried out.

Krystyna's project within the Foundation MasterClass was around the structured medication review. This is something the updated NICE guidance for MS (2022) states should be annual and a core part of a person with MS's comprehensive review.

'The most measurable impact of this new review format is time saved - the structured medication review is shorter and swifter. However, [by contacting them ahead of the review] we have already built a rapport with the patient and they can bring their own interests or areas they want to discuss to our meeting, like advance care planning and physio.'

Krystyna Kristosiuk

Providing education so that pharmacists can feel more confident in managing people with neurological conditions is so important. As well as encouraging pharmacy personnel to attend our condition-specific MasterClasses, we're pleased to announce that our Neuropharmacy MasterClass for specialist pharmacists will also be relaunching this year after a few years' break. Registration will open soon, so do keep an eye out on our website and subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date.

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