Introducing our newest staff member – and the exciting project he leads

The Neurology Academy continues to expand as our work broadens, and we are pleased to welcome a new member of our team, Jamie McGregor.Jamie, whose background is predominantly in law, joins us as Head of Policy, Intelligence and External Affairs. He will be heading up our work in response to the new multiple sclerosis (MS) Algorithm in development by NHS England at present.Initially hosting a debate around the pros and cons of the Algorithm, the Neurology Academy is now taking a lead on bringing together key individuals across health to find creative solutions to the challenges it poses.Coordinating attendance and managing delivery of the programme for November’s meeting alongside Professor Gavin Giovannoni, one of our MS MasterClass faculty and an eminent cautionary voice whilst the Algorithm was out for consultation Jamie is responsible for making sure the right people are around the tables, and the right information is available to them. He will also be supported by three other chairs: Professor Jeremy Hobart, Dr David Rog and Dr Gordon Mazibrada, all key individuals in the MS field.The meeting aims to consider creative solutions to broader issues of service variance, as well as to address the key concerns with the algorithm. One such concern is its overlooking those on disease-modifying medication who do not have a relapsing-remitting form of the condition; collectively we hope to design solutions to this and other problem areas.Giving space for joint discussions, we at the Academy hope to see innovative ideas shared and developed, to ultimately reduce variation in MS services. We’re delighted to welcome Jamie to our team at this crucial time, and are excited to be part of the opportunity to shape future policy and services in MS for the future.

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