Latest #MyNeuroSurvey goes live on 25th October!

20 Oct 2021

Every two years, Neurological Alliance conducts the largest patient experience survey of people with neurological conditions and uses that data to understand populations, highlight needs, and influence positive change.

The last survey (2019) was completed by over 10,000 people, with key findings reported in 'Neuro Patience: still waiting for improvements in treatment and care'.

Fig 1: Infographic taken from 'Neuro Patience' (2019) p6 (part of the key findings of the last survey)

On Monday 25th October, the latest #MyNeuroSurvey (previously known as National Neurological Patient Experience Survey) goes live, seeking to gather qualitative data on everything from diagnosis, treatment and management of their healthcare condition, to employment, financial circumstances and holistic wellbeing. This year, additional data will be gathered around the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people's experiences of care and support.

“In the absence of robust data from the NHS about the provision of services to people with rare neurological problems, My Neuro Survey not only provides a patient view, but gives much needed insights into what services people with ataxia are, and aren’t, able to access from the NHS, and their quality in the eyes of patients.”

Sue Millman, Chief Executive, Ataxia UK & Alliance Trustee

In order to gather the views and experiences of as many people living with a neurological condition as possible, please consider sharing details of the survey, or the relevant link ( with your own patients. The information is used in many ways, not least to give us a clearer understanding of people's experiences and thus better insight into how to improve those experiences.

Please consider:

  • Copying the link into any electronic correspondence or follow up information with your patients

  • Posting the link - or news of the survey - in your clinic waiting room

  • Mentioning the survey to other members of your neurology service who can also spread the word.

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