Free Epilepsy Bitesize online course is a success

14 Dec 2021

A brief reminder that our Epilepsy Bitesize, an open access resource available online, is only available for a few more months, so do take the opportunity to make use of the content!

'When I checked in [at] Neurology Academy, I noticed this. I was waiting for something like this!! So excited!'

Feedback from a registered delegate

So far, over 70 people from different backgrounds and roles have made use of the free content including many individuals who had not visited Neurology Academy before.

The content, endorsed by voluntary organisation The Voice for Epilepsy, consists of a series of themed sessions recorded by specialists and experts across the epilepsy field, including neurology, pharmacy, management, and lived experience.

'[The] Epilepsy introduction was concise and to the point. [The] Epilepsy medications talk was so useful and it tackles many misconceptions.'

Feedback from a registered delegate

The varied topics covered by Epilepsy Bitesize, including diagnosis, medication management, family planning and health service optimisation are designed to expand professional understanding, and to provide a firm foundation for those working in neurology to feel confident as they support people living with epilepsy to live their best lives.

'Excellent lectures by all. I enjoyed the order of the lectures, starting with defining epilepsy and the approach to history and first fit. Followed by the management of refractory epilepsy and a closer look at the anti-epileptic medications. Very useful lecture on women in pregnancy.'

Feedback from a registered delegate

Optimised education, compassionate care

Epilepsy Academy seeks to raise awareness of epilepsy, equipping professionals to deliver compassionate, holistic care that transforms people's lives.