Migraine & Headache Academy launching soon

Launch of new Migraine & Headache Academy in response to a need for nationwide service transformation

The World Health Organization states that migraine is a leading cause of neurological disability, 4% of adults will visit their GP each year for headache or migraine and the cost to the NHS is over £1 billion a year.This excludes related costs for conditions like anxiety and depression, and the estimated £5 billion cost to the economy. It also ignores the human cost: 80% of migraineurs have disabling attacks that interfere with work, home and social life to some degree.Visits to A&E are not unusual for people with headache or migraine (in fact it is the most common neurological reason for A&E attendance) normally because they are unsure of where to go with a severe headache, there is a variability of headache services available nationally and because of this A&E is frequently bearing the brunt of a problem which could certainly be managed better in most areas of the country.Ensuring the availability of comprehensive headache services is key, some areas have solved the problem by implementing dedicated headache clinics. These clinics can be run by neurologists, specialist headache nurses or GPs with a special interest in headache. All do a great job at managing patients and are reducing demand to the neurology clinics (which may have long waiting lists) to allow patients smoother access to expert support.By adopting specially designed local headache pathways supported by the neurology clinic as needed, these services show what can be achieved when health professionals like GPs, specialist headache nurses and opticians get involved in managing patients effectively increasing service capacity for busy neurology services.In response to the nationwide need for service improvement, we are launching a new Migraine & Headache Academy. The new MasterClass will deliver regional roadshow training with a focus on service optimisation and advanced training for neurologists, specialist nurses and MDT professionals involved in headache and migraine care.More details coming soon, or alternatively get in touch at info@neurologyacademy.org if you would like us to send information directly to you.

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