Neurology Academy in the BJNN

The British Journal for Neuroscience Nursing (BJNN) have just published a piece on the national drive to address unwanted variance in multiple sclerosis (MS) services.The project was initiated at ‘the Way Forward’ event last year when the MS Academy, part of Neurology Academy’s umbrella organisation, organised and hosted a lively two day conference full of illuminating keynote speeches and fervent debate. It sought to bring together the MS clinical community to find a way to tackle service variance for people living with MS.The national steering group, chaired by Professor Gavin Giovannoni, has now used the outcomes of that event to create a series of workstreams which will be presented by their clinical leader at the next event in July this year.It is envisaged that each workstream will set a nationally agreed blueprint for their theme, from data or audit to health and wellbeing, which can then be used by local clinicians to implement projects in their own areas.Read the BJNN article, find out more about the initial event, read about the workstreams, sign up for July’s follow up event or take a look at its programme on our website.

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