The Neurology Academy’s expanding influence

01 May 2019

The Neurology Academy has come a long way in the past few years, ballooning from a single offering of MasterClasses in Parkinson’s to an extensive offering of educational courses spanning disease areas and tailored to different levels of learning. Recently that offering has diversified into cross-conditional topics like palliative care and neuropharmacy, and seen a foray into in-depth specialisms like research engagement.

‘This is the best MS course – in fact the best amongst all the educational courses – I have been on. A wealth of knowledge poured on us with patience and well-paced sessions.’ (Delegate feedback from Foundation MasterClass MS7.1, 2019)

From two-day residential modular MasterClasses to condensed learning nuggets delivered in a roadshow-style, the Neurology Academy is providing an increasingly expansive educational programme to an ever-growing neurological healthcare population.This Summer we are excited to launch 4 new regional roadshows with the MS Academy. These new roadshows, specialising in progressive MS, will provide in-depth, one-day learning experiences around the UK. From Glasgow to Exeter, roadshows will delve into identification of progressive MS patients, its pathology and pathogenesis, and exploration into whether it is actually a separate disease from the relapsing-remitting form of the condition.We are keen to continue to meet the ever-changing learning needs of the neurology community, and ensure our material and its delivery style remains as cutting edge as the services and treatment options it conveys. From the latest in disease-modifying treatments for MS to the shifting view of palliative care, our work is concerned with the changing face of service delivery and policy too, all delivered in as interactive and dynamic a way as possible. Additionally, our courses contain practical assistance in service transformation and demystification of how to effectively use data to assess, evaluate and drive change locally.These topics and more can all be found on our continually updated newsfeeds, where we pride ourselves on mini-learning opportunities to help practitioners grasp changes in policy, understand the societal burden of dementia, or delve into the latest in telemedicine. We know that this form of learning is welcome; we can see it in the steady increase in traffic to our websites, with 40,800 visits this year. This is being matched by a rising number of followers on social media where we keep our audience abreast of the latest news.With neurological conditions on the rise and lifespans exceeding healthspans ever further, our unique offering of practically-applicable, interactive learning is an essential contributor to the neurological landscape.

‘It made me realise the gaps in my own knowledge and what I need to improve on to be more effective in my multidisciplinary team.’ (Delegate feedback: Neuropharmacist MasterClass 2019)

We are proud to be evolving our educational offerings to meet the changing needs of the neurological healthcare community, confident that we are equipping healthcare professionals to deliver the very best services and support they can, driving up quality of care for those living with a neurological condition.If you are interested in developing a bespoke educational offering, or in helping us in diversifying even further to other conditions or areas of thematic interest, please get in touch.

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