Neurology Academy's Snowflake appeal – help us make a difference!

24 Nov 2020

We're 22 days into our two month challenge to raise money and miles for Sheffield Children's Hospital.

So far we've raised £210.00 and 792.78 miles. Our target is 1,876 of each, and we need your help!

Our team has been walking, running and cycling to tot up our miles, and plenty of support is being offered by family and friends too, with many of us changing our travel patterns to rack up some miles.

Sarah, our MD, has been cycling all over the place with over 20 miles cycled across the last weekend, with her daughters donating their travels home from school by walking each day and gathering miles on their static bike at home (as pictured).

Jamie, Jake and Hugh have popped on their running shoes accumulating over 20 miles this past weekend alone, whilst Emily's miles from daily walks and runs have been added to significantly by a 33 mile cycle at the weekend, matched by her uncle.

Johanna has been using extra long runs as a chance to photograph nature as she goes, and Charlie's young family head out on a daily 'snowflake walk' with longer weekend adventures reinforced by hot chocolate.

Get involved

Are you a runner? Do you have a furry friend who needs walking daily? Perhaps you need a good reason to keep moving as the weather turns colder, or maybe you'd like to raise the profile of Sheffield Children's Hospital or paediatric neurology?

Please join us in raising awareness, and donating money or miles to the Snowflake appeal. You can enlist friends and family too - we'd love your help in reaching out as wide as possible.

Visit our JustGiving page, or log any miles you want to donate here.

Post on social media to broaden the circle

Feel free to use our drafted social media post, or pop one of your own out on whatever apps you prefer to use.

'I'm helping to donate 1876 in miles and money to Sheffield Children's Hospital by December 31st! @TheNeuroAcademy has set the challenge for their team of 8 and would love your help... Please donate your daily walk or run to their Snowflake or visit their JustGiving page. Thank-you!!!'

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