New updated MS nurse competencies 2024

27 Feb 2024

Brand new, updated MS nursing competencies are now available! Relevant and necessary for the whole MS nurse community, these essential competencies will raise awareness of the MS nursing role, ensure optimal and safe care for patients, and support each individual nurse in their career progression.

'A number of MS nurses are retiring and recruitment to posts can be hard; these competencies will equip and support both new and existing nurses in the role to be able to do the job well and safely for their patients - I think that's the main point for this document.'

Mavis Ayer, co-chair or the UKMSSNA

What you need to know in sixty seconds:

1. Originally developed in 2008, these competencies have been updated to reflect the changing nature of the role and care needed as the treatment landscape continues to shift and expand.

2. A lot of nurses are retiring at present; these competencies can equip both new and existing nurses in the role to be able to do the job well and safely for their patients.

3. Whilst a deliberate choice was made not to 'band' the competencies, they provide a clear process of career progression and support in continuing each individuals' professional development.

4. By aligning the competencies with NMC and the KSF and gaining accreditation by the RCN, it is robustly relevant to, and supported by, the whole of the UK-wide MS nursing community.

5. It can advance awareness of and education about the MS nursing role, educating managers and others in the team of the breadth and depth of skills held by a specialist nurse.

6. The document can help in developing business cases to highlight value of, or need for, new and additional posts, as well as support nurses who may be fighting for their role or their banding.

7. It can help demonstrate the value of the specialist nurse and how a nurse works differently to a practitioner, supporting team working and maximising skillsets and resources.

8. All relevant healthcare professionals will be invited to contribute to feedback for and use of the competencies will be gathered over the next few years to inform future iterations and ensure the document remains relevant and supportive.

Our head of nursing Ruth Stross, an MS specialist nurse (MSNS) herself, spoke to independent MS nurse consultant Megan Roberts, and fellow MSNSs Carol Turner and Mavis Ayer - also co-chair or the UKMSSNA - to find out more about these competencies and how they can benefit individual MSNSs, and the MS nursing community as a whole.

The competencies document itself is available to view below, or hit download to keep a copy on your desktop. You can also find the competencies and the video via the UKMSSNA's website and YouTube channel.

UKMSSNA Competency Booklet

Download now (57299-Verdicotts-UKMSSNA-Competency-Booklet-A4-48pp-TEXT_Clean_UnCt-Proof-01.pdf)

To find out more about the UKMSSNA or to become a member or this national community of MS specialist nurses, visit

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