One million views!

08 Jul 2022

We're celebrating some milestones this year at Neurology Academy: our Parkinson's Academy is 20 years old, our MS Academy is now five, and last month we hit one million views on our website!

Until 2019, our website was mainly brief information about our courses. Over the past few years, we have been building our content, and now a whole range of free educational resources, tools and virtual learning is available there.

With content across a range of different neurological conditions, we offer virtual courses, on-demand webinars and videos, detailed write-ups of brilliant talks, a catalogue of inspiring workplace projects, and articles highlighting the latest in policy and research.

We're delighted to find that you are accessing that information, and hitting one million views is a really exciting moment for us - so thank you for visiting our site, accessing our content, and working with us to transform neurology services through education!

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Neurology Academy is an innovative educational provider for healthcare professionals including consultants, specialist nurses, pharmacists, therapists and other allied health professionals. Our courses are developed by practicing specialists who combine their experience and expertise into case-based learning designed to create specialists in their field with confidence in effecting change.