The Neurology Academy adds epilepsy and headache to the fold

Since its inception sixteen years ago with the Parkinson’s MasterClass, the Neurology Academy has been leading the way for practically applicable education for healthcare professionals. We are proud to be expanding that range of educational offerings across a broadening range of professionals and specialisms. The past few years have seen us opening Academies for specific conditions like multiple sclerosis and dementia, as well as offering cross-condition specialist training in palliative care and neuro-pharmacy.Headache Disorders Academy Logo We are excited to be announcing that increasing interest in both headache and epilepsy is prompting the possible opening of two further Academies in late 2019. We have had a number of discussions with various industry partners who are interested in supporting the funding for these Academies and have already drafted programmes for the first MasterClasses that each specialism will offer. Our hopes are that we will launch the Academies next year, with the first courses running around late Autumn to early Winter 2019. If you would like to see a session on a specific topic or you would like to register your interest for our new Academies, please contact broadening of our field of educational expertise has also prompted requests to expand it even more, and we are looking to launch one of our Cutting Edge Science events specifically for epilepsy. Following the established blueprint of our Parkinson’s Cutting Edge Science events, which have covered topics like genetics and imaging to date.With this year marking our 16th birthday, what better way to celebrate the success and educational innovation of the Neurology Academy than to offer that same blend of in-depth understanding and practical application to a wider range of professionals looking to improve the care their patients receive. As founder Dr Peter Fletcher put it in a recent interview,

‘Giving challenging learning outcomes that will change things at a grassroots level, and keep changing them – that’s what makes a difference to people.’

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Neurology Academy is an innovative educational provider for healthcare professionals including consultants, specialist nurses, pharmacists, therapists and other allied health professionals. Our courses are developed by practicing specialists who combine their experience and expertise into case-based learning designed to create specialists in their field with confidence in effecting change.