The new vision for community pharmacy and its role in the NHS

14 May 2019

Real transformation will be needed to fulfil the NHS vision for community pharmacy and its role in healthcare provision for the future, say the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC).

Outlined in a video animation, the PSNC highlight the importance of pharmacy’s current work whilst detailing the transformation that community pharmacy is expected to undergo in the coming months and years.

The Neurology Academy is very aware of the important role of pharmacists, particularly specialist neuropharmacists, in the optimal treatment for and care of people with neurological conditions, and it is essential that their expertise is utilised and accessible across both primary and secondary care.

The PSNC have based their video and a set of four initial action points on the ambitions set out in both the NHS Long Term Plan and the GP Contract. The message to better utilise the skills and extend the reach of community pharmacy is clear in both, and the PSNC highlight that real and lasting change will need to be embraced by the sector to make this ambition a reality.

They especially note the need for pharmacy involvement in the emerging structure of the Primary Care Networks (PCN) which are mandated to be formed by July this year. It is essential that all key local agencies are involved in the discussions and decisions that will take place in the PCNs and pharmacy is one such key agency.

The four action points given by the PSNC are:

  1. Start a conversation with other local pharmacies about how to collaborate within PCNs;
  2. Together with other pharmacies and your Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC), talk to local GPs about their plans for the future;
  3. Take all opportunities for further training and to provide services; and
  4. Make contact with your LPC

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An innovative training programme for pharmacy professionals

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