Research Engagement – 2018

06 Dec 2018 9:30 - 16:15

Exploring the research landscape and identifying research delivery opportunities within the NHS

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust in collaboration with the Parkinson’s Academy is hosting a meeting dedicated to Research Engagement and Involvement.Research Engagement will identify ways to become involved in Parkinson’s clinical research. The meeting, chaired by Dr Camille Carroll, Professor Oliver Bandmann, and Dr Peter Fletcher will cover a range of topics from research idea to successful study closure... and everything in between to becoming a Principal Investigator and whether disease modification in Parkinson’s could be a reality. We will also be developing a bank of resources related to the meeting that will be available to those who attend.→ Read more about the idea behind this event
Research Engagement is the meeting we are hosting on 6 December 2018 for those who are becoming or aspire to become involved with Parkinson’s research. The ‘with’ is important because such involvement can be at many different levels as we dip our collective toes in this uncharted expanse of water. Do have a look at the draft programme which will be updated as we get closer to 6 December. I truly believe there is something here for every member of the Parkinson’s Family, each of whom is in some way a potential piece in the slow, stop and reverse Parkinson’s jigsaw.This is new, this is exciting, do join us.Dr Peter Fletcher, Founding Faculty
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Costs and Accommodation:

UPDATE: There are no costs to attend this meeting.
There will be no accommodation provided. However, if you require accommodation the night prior, please contact stay@halifaxhall.co.uk and quote the reference number 61874. The price for a hotel room at the Halifax Hall Hotel will be £75 incl. VAT.Places are not guaranteed, please do not send any money with your application – your place will be confirmed by email.If you have any problems opening the registration online form due to a firewall or other network security systems, please contact info@neurologyacademy.org.Pre-course reading: Click here to complete the online GCP training.

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