Remote symptom management during COVID-19

14 Jun 2021 17:00 - 18:00

Please note: There is restricted access to the live webinars. Access to the live webinars is for health professionals working in MS services and a limited number of MS charity representatives and pharmaceutical representatives. If you are not granted access to the live webinar, you will be able to review the footage, which will be posted on our website shortly after the webinar has been conducted.

MS Academy will hold a live webinar on Monday, 14 June at 17:00 BST for an interactive discussion on remote symptom management during COVID-19.

You are invited to watch the video conference from your computer, tablet or phone. The webinar will be live via Zoom for 1 hour and a recording will be available following the meeting.

Case discussion:

During a remote telephone annual review a 56-year old woman with SPMS describes increasing urinary frequency and three UTIs in the last 6 months, which were managed by her GP. She is finding that she has more problems with constipation and one episode of incontinence for which she is really upset.

How are you going to support this lady, manage these symptoms remotely and improve her quality of life?

Objectives for the webinar​:

This webinar will deal with practical issues related to the validation of remote assessments and symptom management of MS-related symptomatic problems using bladder dysfunction as an exemplar. How can we make this effective?

  • PwMS experience of remote assessment during COVID, and how this may vary dependant on type of MS
  • How have we become remote clinicians? Remote management of disease modifying therapies and the annual review. What does/does not work?
  • A greater understanding of the NHS future plan and timelines for transforming neurology services
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