Second Neuropharmacy MasterClass launches for 2020

15 November, 2019 | Posted in:

The Neurology Academy are excited to launch the second of our Neuropharmacy MasterClasses for 2020. The MasterClass, designed for specialist pharmacists who are already working in neurology, has been created in response to the growing role and remit of the neuropharmacist. The two module course is ideal for those who are already specialists and want […]

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Increased incidence of dementia in footballers due to head trauma

25 October, 2019 | Posted in:

A recent study has found that footballers are three and a half times more likely to die of dementia than those of a similar age in the general population. The research was triggered by concerns that the death of professional footballer Jeff Astle was associated with head trauma from repeatedly ‘heading’ the heavy leather footballs.  […]

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Northern Ireland neurology waiting lists under pressure

18 October, 2019 | Posted in:

‘The number of people waiting for a first neurology outpatient appointment has more than doubled in Northern Ireland in the past four years’, reported the BBC last week.  The information produced as the result of a review of neurology services in Northern Ireland, found that 19,376 people are currently waiting for a first appointment in […]

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Request for interest in developing an educational training programme for SMA

15 October, 2019 | Posted in:

We are seeking nominations to assist us in the design and development of a MasterClass programme to meet the education and service development needs of clinicians (Doctors, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists and Nurse Specialists) working with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) patients. This is as a result of multiple requests from our neurologist alumni who have attended […]

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Neuropharmacy intermodule project winner announced

15 October, 2019 | Posted in: ,

Our first Neuropharmacy MasterClass intermodule projects were presented and voted as the group met for their second module. Having looked extensively at multiple sclerosis (MS) and headache in module one, the delegates met for another two-day residential focussing on epilepsy and Parkinson’s. During the course, delegates were invited to present posters outlining the key findings […]

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Health and wellness could revolutionise management of long term neurological conditions

9 September, 2019 | Posted in:

The latest emphasis in health and fitness circles has been on measuring, not our lifespans, but our ‘healthspans’. A societal effort to do the same might well present a possible solution to our growing healthcare challenges, and could revolutionise the way we manage neurological conditions. The latest edition of the British Journal for Neuroscience Nursing […]

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NHS RightCare progressive neurological conditions toolkit launches

27 August, 2019 | Posted in:

A new toolkit has just been published to help healthcare systems better understand the priorities in care for people living with various progressive neurological conditions. Currently, those living with progressive neurological conditions are experiencing: delays in diagnosis and treatment,  fragmented and uncoordinated services,  limited availability of neurospecialist rehab and reablement and  a lack of psycho–social […]

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NHSE elective care handbooks now available

26 August, 2019 | Posted in:

This summer, NHS England has published a series of handbooks setting out best practice and ‘how-to’ solutions for each of the 14 high-volume elective care specialties that RightCare have identified as their focus.  The NHS RightCare programme, which works locally with systems to present a diagnosis of data and evidence across that population, believes that […]

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Neuropharmacist faculty member’s project featured in MS Trust publication

11 July, 2019 | Posted in: ,

The MS Trust has just released its fifth issue of ‘MS in Practice’, a valuable resource outlining examples of positive practice and reviewing the practical application of new guidance for those with an interest in multiple sclerosis (MS). This particular issue features an article about the disease-modifying therapy (DMT) cost calculator, developed by neuropharmacist and […]

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Latest patient experience findings are presented by the Neurological Alliance

9 July, 2019 | Posted in:

Today, the Neurological Alliance launched the report from their 2018/19 National Neurology Patient Experience Survey The report: Neuro Patience; was chosen with intended irony – the results show that the experience of people with neurological conditions remain poor. The main message in the report is that care and support for people with neurological conditions should […]

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