Patsy Cotton

Advanced Nurse Practitioner Movement Disorders/Parkinson's
NHS Greater Manchester Neurosciences Centre

Patsy works in the Greater Manchester Neurosciences Centre. Actively involved in direct contact with people with Parkinson’s and families. Professional nursing background neuro medical/,neurosurgical (ENB148/ Intensive Care ENB100).

Management experience of 10 years lead to the development of Parkinson 's Service in Greater Manchester now spanning over 25 years. Patsy served on the Parkinson Disease Nurse Specialist Committee in office for 5 years. Proactively working in the develop of nursing services for people with Parkinson's. In her own area but also on a national and international level. Active researcher educator and award achievements in improving care and management for People with Parkinson’s.

Appointed to the UK Parkinson s Excellence Network 2018-current
Currently Clinical lead; Innovation and Best Practice