Changes to the Neurology Academy Team

Neurology Academy has remained as dynamic as ever over the past few months. Adapting our educational offerings to reflect the changing times and limitations brought about through the coronavirus pandemic, we have also expanded our workforce, which has shifted and adapted too.

Dr Arthi Rajkumar, who initially joined us as PA to Jamie and Project Officer for Raising the Bar in February, is now a full-time Project Support Officer, working on Raising the Bar, the Leadership MasterClass, and providing data analysis across our range of educational offerings. She recently headed up our first ever Virtual International MasterClass this August where 53 delegates across 10 countries came together.

Harriet Newman joined us in the Spring as PA to Sarah, our Managing Director. She has since taken over PA responsibilities for Jamie as well, bringing with her a wealth of administrative, logistical and office management skills to maximise the time and resources of our management team.

Emily Tucker came on board in August to support our online media work. She will work with Johanna, our media manager, to keep our website and other forms of online communication as up to date and easy to access as possible.

Finally, Daiga Heisters joined us as Interim Head of Parkinson's Academy at the end of June. Her previous roles with Parkinson's UK and the Parkinson's Excellence Network make her an already familiar face to most of us!

Find out more about everyone on our Team page.

We very much hope that you will be as thrilled as we are with both our staff changes, and the capacity it gives us to adapt, evolve, and ultimately support you in the best possible way – so that you can, in turn, best support those living with a neurological condition.

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Best wishes
Sarah Gillett, Managing Director

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