Latest review on nutrition in Parkinson's

16 Nov 2021

A brand new paper on the importance of nutrition in Parkinson's was published last month by Cambridge University Press. The paper, 'Parkinson's disease: the nutrition perspective' was co-authored by Mícheál Ó. Breasail, Matthew Smith, Emma Tenison, Emily Henderson and Fiona E. Lithander.

'The aim of this review is to examine nutrition in PD across three domains: dietary intake and the development of PD; whole body metabolism in PD and the effects of PD symptoms and treatment on nutritional status.'

Abstract, 'Parkinson's disease: the nutrition perspective' (2021)

Published in the Proceedings of the Nutritional Society, the review found complexities and interrelationships between symptoms, medication side-effects, noting that 'evidence about body weight changes in both the prodromal and symptomatic phases of PD is inconclusive and is confounded by many factors.'

The paper discusses malnutrition, sarcopenia, gastrointestinal and non-gastrointestinal symptoms which may impact on nutrition, adverse effects of Parkinson's medications impacting nutrition including nausea and constipation, as well as the involvement of comorbidities and aging on nutrition.

Ó. Breasail M, Smith M, Tenison E, Henderson EJ, and Lithander FE, 'Parkinson's disease: the nutrition perspective', published online by Cambridge University Press: 04 October 2021. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society , First View , pp. 1 - 15, DOI:

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