New education in spinal muscular atrophy


This Spring, we launched our new Neuromuscular Academy to coincide with the release of the first spinal muscular atrophy paediatric care pathway.

Now we are pleased to announce training to accompany that pathway - the SMA Basecamp. The 1.5 day programme is designed to improve detection, diagnosis and management of SMA in people of any age, and so is aimed at any healthcare professional likely to interact with an infant, child or adult at any of these stages.

  • For health visitors, general practitioners, primary and community care workers, the course will help identify some of the red flags to spot, particularly in infants, prompting escalated care and specialist referral.

  • For secondary care practitioners, anyone in areas of specialism ranging from orthotics to respiratory, neurology to dietetics may need to support a person with SMA with clarity and understanding of the 'whole picture' for that child or adult.

  • Therapists, including physio, speech and language and occupational health will also benefit from this clear overview of SMA, how it can affect an infant, child or adult, and how to both manage - and treat - that person so that they can get the most out of their lives.

Taking place on 23rd November, some of our confirmed speakers include specialists from neuropharmacy, paediatrics, neuroscience, physiotherapy, respiratory and spinal surgery.

Other educational support surrounding SMA is in the pipeline, including a new adult SMA care pathway in its final stages of development, and a series of webinars expanding on both paediatric and adult pathways and supporting professionals in better understanding their own role in optimal support for people living with SMA and their families.

For more information about spinal muscular atrophy, your role in supporting those living with it, or any of our educational courses or material, visit Neuromuscular Academy.

Raising awareness, improving outcomes

Neuromuscular Academy is the first bespoke course for healthcare professionals to receive expert training in neuromuscular conditions like spinal muscular atrophy.