New optimal pathways for FND, migraine and movement disorders

03 Feb 2023

The optimum clinical pathways have been developed for a range of neurological conditions over the past few years, including multiple sclerosis (MS), epilepsy and motor neurone disease (MND).

Led by the National Neurosciences Advisory Group (NNAG), the pathways set out a clear, thorough and aspirational pathway for what truly good care looks like from pre-diagnosis until the end of life. It is designed to provide an overview guide for localities to adapt to their own service configurations.

This year, the NNAG have announced the next tranche of pathways in development. The draft pathways are intended to be used in clinical practice in order to gather feedback and improve them over time:

Fig 1: Overview pathway from FND optimum clinical pathway

The pathways are all intended to be viewed alongside several 'cross-cutting theme' pathways, all in development currently. Whilst not yet available to access, they will address:

  • Mental health

  • Neurogenetics

  • Rehabilitation

  • Transition from children's to adult services

Find out more about all of the pathways via the NNAG pages here, or read about:

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