New toolkit supports carers throughout an episode of care

10 Feb 2023

A brand new toolkit for supporting carers has been developed with London and acute hospital episodes in mind, however the important information around identifying and supporting people in a caring role holds relevance for any service, anywhere.

The 'Carers and Hospital Discharge Toolkit for London Hospitals and Community Providers' has been developed by a partnership across the NHS and a range of carer organisations.

It sets out a clear, succinct and helpful pathway from identification of people in a caring role as they accompany someone into hospital, through the time that their loved one is in hospital receiving treatment and care, through to transition of that person into the community or home (fig 1 and 2).

Peppered with top tips, the guidance and information is relevant across various services and scenarios and is worth a read for anyone in health or social care, whilst of the maximum use to those involved in the 'hospital admission to discharge' journey.

'Language is key - If you say “Do you have a carer?” or “Are you a carer?” your results will be very different to if you ask “Is there anyone who helps to support you when you need help at home?”

Carers and Hospital Discharge (2023) p12

Figure 1: Step 1 and 2 of the journey

Figure 2: Step 3-5 of the journey

Find out more about the guide and download it online from various partners' webspaces including carer organisation Mobilise.

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