Our latest Palliative Care MasterClass

Our Palliative Care MasterClass has a unique attendance to our other MasterClasses being both cross-condition and cross-specialism, and tends to have a greater range of professionals in attendance.

Developed in partnership with Dr Ed Richfield, faculty member for both Parkinson’s and Palliative Care Academies, the course examines this complex and emotive area by drilling into specific neurological conditions: Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis (MS), dementia and motor neurone disease (MND) in order to look at the nuances of each.

From the practical, such as medicines management and deprescribing, to supportive like advanced care planning with those who have cognitive difficulties, through to the spiritual and emotional for both patients and their families, this packed two-day course takes a thorough and interactive approach to increasing delegate’s confidence, understanding and capability.

On 11th and 12th March, we are running our third course for a variety of consultants, registrars and specialist nurses from across a range of specialisms. Delegates share their learning needs ahead of time so that our experienced faculty and speakers can tailor their sessions to the needs of the group.

To find out more about palliative care in neurology, listen to Ed discussing the RightCare approach to optimal care, read about the way that he and other colleagues are revolutionising palliative care practice locally or watch this short video from the perspective of two palliative care nurses. To learn more about our MasterClass visit our website or read about it from the perspective of last year’s delegates.

Palliative Care Academy

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