Our on-demand Parkinson's Foundation MasterClass just got a revamp!

14 Nov 2022

Last Autumn, we launched our first ever on-demand MasterClasses for Parkinson's - foundation and advanced. We had no idea how well received it would be, or how many of you were able to 'attend' once the content was made virtual - almost 200 of you have chosen to attend an on-demand MasterClass since we launched them last year!

'Excellent virtual MasterClass, the video and slides were easy to watch with audio clear, relevant information.'

Now, after a year of fresh in-person MasterClasses with new or updated content, we have reviewed and revamped the 11 virtual sessions which make up our online Foundation course. We have also added a brilliant bonus session which is usually part of our Advanced course: 'Patient perspective - from a patients and clinical perspective' with Clare Lindley and Alison Anderson.

​'Patient perspective session was great - it really 'reset' my practice after the last year when compassion fatigue was creeping in.'

Whilst we will always encourage you to attend in person and benefit from the community, camaraderie and opportunity to learn away from day to day life that can add so much to a course, we understand that for some of you, this forms its own barrier to learning.

We have adapted many of our courses to enable real-time virtual attendance through our unique hybrid model, yet for our international audience, time differences can still make attendance challenging. This is where our on-demand MasterClasses are the perfect solution.

This updated, revamped Parkinson's foundation MasterClass is the perfect for anyone looking to improve their understanding of Parkinson's diagnosis, treatment and management from final year registrars and early career specialist nurses, to therapists, pharmacists, clinical fellows and GPs with extended roles.

'All the lectures were excellent, I have come away actually wanting to do more PD clinics and feeling competent to do so. I would come back to do the advanced courses. Excellent speakers. '

'The things you can't get from the books'

Parkinson's Academy, our original and longest running Academy, houses 20 years of inspirational projects, resources, and evidence for improving outcomes for people with Parkinson's. Led by co-founder and educational director Dr Peter Fletcher, the Academy has a truly collegiate feel and prides itself on delivering 'the things you can't get from books' - a practical learning model which inspires all Neurology Academy courses.