Upcoming courses at the Neurology Academy

2018 is shaping up to be the busiest year for the Neurology Academy. We have the widest selection yet of neurology training courses for health professionals who want to advance their skills. Not only do learners have the unique opportunity to get training from leaders in the field, they also get the chance to connect with others who share their interests and are keen to exchange ideas. If you are interested in any of the courses mentioned below, click the link to find out more.

Parkinson's Academy

The Foundation and Advanced Parkinson's MasterClasses continue as always, catering to the specific needs of different professionals who want to take their Parkinson's training to the next level. In addition to these we are holding more roadshows which are a fantastic way to spend a day brushing up on a specific aspect of Parkinson's care. Upcoming roadshows are on the theme of complex management and non-motor symptoms. See Parkinson's courses

Palliative Care Academy

Following the success of last year's Palliative Care MasterClass, we are holding another MasterClass and widening the net this time to include MS too. This year's MasterClass will focus on aspects of palliative care in Parkinson's, dementia and MS and is invaluable training for a whole raft of different healthcare professionals involved in the care of these patients. See palliative care courses

Dementia Academy

The next Dementia MasterClass, themed around “practical dementia diagnosis and care” is coming up later this year. The course ideal for secondary care clinicians, including nurses, old age psychiatry consultants and registrars who are involved in dementia care. See dementia courses

MS Academy

We have several MasterClass dates coming up to advance your skills in MS, with both "specialist" and "general" course options depending on your learning needs. The general course is aimed at general neurologists or neurologists not currently prescribing, as well as registrars, pharmacists and MS nurses, whereas the specialist MasterClass is for neurologists who are currently prescribing, and experienced final year registrars and pharmacists who may be working in a unit that prescribes MS therapies. See MS courses

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