World Congress in Geriatric Medicine: ‘Back to the Roots’

The World Congress in Geriatric Medicine ‘Back to the Roots’ conference, was held in August 2019 in Newcastle, Australia. Over 300 clinicians from Geriatric Medicine, Old Age Psychiatry, Neurology and other specialties gathered for five days of learning and networking. Participants were drawn predominantly from all over Australia but also New Zealand as well as some international attendees, like our Academic Director Dr Peter Fletcher.

The Advances in Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation journal (ACNR) have published a piece online written by Dr Peter Fletcher about the conference.

Dr Peter Fletcher being felicitated for his outstanding contribution towards improving the quality of Medical Education in the field of Parkinson's disease by Ms Jean Walsh, CEO, HPMI

With the rising global age population the conference centred its focus on the helping older people stay as healthy for as long as possible. Our speaker Dr Chandrasekhara Padmakumar led the 'healthy for longer' themed conference in Newcastle, Australia. Within the conglomeration topics on sustaining health were introduced through strategies and protocol.

Dr Chandrasekhara Padmakumar overlooking the Back to the Roots conference

→ Click here to read the full article in the on the ACNR website.

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The conference was also covered by the Channel 9 local TV news. Watch a short video here:
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