Neurology Network Managers Meeting 3

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27 May 2022 10:30 - 16:00

Free to attend for NHS and related professionals, these national network meetings will cover all the topical issues needed to deliver neurology services.


Halifax Hall, Sheffield University Campus
Endcliffe Vale Road
S10 3ER

This is a crucial time to support our commissioners and service managers with the knowledge and networks needed to effect positive change in our NHS for those with a neurological condition.

The latest GIRFT report for neurology highlighted recommendations for meeting challenges in neurology service planning and provision, including the need for liaison services with neurology for unplanned admissions and development of condition-specific clinical networks to improve coordination and consistency of care.

We want to equip commissioners and service managers to understand neurological conditions from the perspective of service need and coordination of care, and to provide functioning examples of effective service models that meet these needs.

This third meeting will provide practical examples of positive service change, including:
  • how to merge transformation projects with GIRFT implementation

  • developing a service specification for complex neurological conditions

  • making the most of every role to deliver care and improve outcomes

  • empowering patients as a planned element of care

There is huge value in relationships, and in learning from one another. Through this professional network we want to help enable mutual support and shared learning. This meeting is an ideal opportunity to develop and foster that connectivity across commissioners and service managers.


Last updated 12/05/2022

Download now (NNMM3-Programme-12052022.pdf)

Whilst undertaking the Neurology Network Vanguard programme, supported by NHS England, the Vanguard Programme Director, Julie Riley noted that there are many areas of good practice and learning throughout the neurology community, but as a group of senior decision makers at a high leadership level, there was no forum for sharing this good practice or learning. This is unlike other senior leaders in healthcare who meet and share learning through such gatherings, for example the Executive Director of Strategy and Operations supported by NHS Providers, Finance Directors national meetings and Proud 2B Ops. It was from this that the idea of a National Neurology Managers Network was formed.


The object of the Network is to not only share good practice, but to get neurology senior managers and clinicians together, to influence practice, to develop service plans and business cases together, and to take neurology services forward. The Network will also act as support outside of the meetings. It is not to be seen as a clinical meeting alone, but one of a joint venture between managers and clinicians, to develop skills to influence at Board level and to make sure that Neurology has a voice at a high level in organisations that are consumed with many other complex issues and problems.

Neurology managers can use this forum to keep up to date on issues of relevance as well as network with other mangers.

Meet with strategic and operational colleagues in neurology

Join us for the Neurology Manager Network Meeting which will enable senior managers and directors in neurology services to update their knowledge on current neurology service delivery.