Lessons learnt from COVID: a chance to reset and re-evaluate a Parkinson's service

By Dr William Wareing, Elderly Care Consultant, Countess Of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust



This survey of people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) aimed to:

  • Explore their experiences of living with PD during COVID and lockdown
  • Understand any frustrations with the service
  • Inform service improvements


  • More support is available than many people realise, meaning there is a need for better sign-posting and coordination
  • People with PD would prefer a more multi-disciplinary team approach to services
  • Third sector organisations like Age UK can help people access community and social services
  • Patients must be able to easily access PD services and receive prompt responses

Key findings

A total of 37 people responded to a survey that was distracted with the local PDUK branch’s newsletter. It found:

  • 78% reported reduce frequency of appointments in the last year
  • 33% had an appointment cancelled with no alternative offered
  • In 74%, appointments were converted to telephone or video; of these 92% said the appointment was helpful, and 62% said the option of telephone appointments in the future could be beneficial
  • 92% were able to seek PD advice when they needed it

The survey also found a high need for community services, and that living with PD during COVID had led to increased feelings of frustration, loneliness, uncertainty, and fear.


The project led to a number of recommendations for service improvement. They include:

  • Quarterly meetings with the PDUK service improvement advisor and PDUK patient group
  • Updating a business case for a PD specialist nurse with survey data
  • Strengthen working relationships with the community geriatrics team, Rapid Response Therapy Team, and the Age UK coordinator
  • Offer telephone/virtual appointments as an option for every clinic
  • Directing multi-morbid, frail people with PD towards Elderly Care led local units, and younger, more robust, single pathology patients or those under consideration for apomorphine/Duodopa/DBS to neurology-led services

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