Patients with Parkinson’s in Residential Care Homes

By Dr Rakesh Parbhoo, GP Locum, Gillan House Practice


There is a variety of Health and Social services provided to Residential Care Homes for the Elderly.

This is a description of 2 Residential care Homes in London which are typically privately owned and accept NHS patients from North London which are not CCG specific.

Most of the Residents were permanently placed. The Staff in the two Care homes were/are not from any formal Nursing and/or Medical background.

The Staff were responsible for all General Care, specific Nursing Care and administering Medication ad recording basic health observations including weight, temperature and Blood Pressure.

A numbers of services visited regularly including Community Matrons/CHAT Teams, Mental Health Staff and a Regional Parkinsons Specialist Nurse.

along with District Nurses eg. administer Insulin.

The Poster aimed to evaluate the experience and knowledge of the Staff caring for Patients with Parkinsons and suggest how their skills and application of new knowledge could be increased.

The discussion points were received favourably from the MDTM. Information from Parkinsons UK was shared.

Difficulties in Communication with Primary, Secondary care services as well as family and social services were also touched upon.

The effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic could not be ignored and the two Care Homes lost staff due to unwillingness to have the Covid-19 Vaccinations.

The staff had access to the Social Care RIO computer system , but were completely reliant on receiving information from the Primary and Secondary teams.

This had been improved during the Pandemic due to increased use of email.

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Patients with Parkinson’s in Residential Care Homes
By Dr Rakesh Parbhoo, GP Locum, Gillan House Practice
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