European Academy of Neurology Congress 2020

Event reports

This year’s European Academy of Neurology Congress took place from May 23rd-26th and was the first of its kind to be entirely virtual.

The opening presentation, given by Prof. Dr. Med Claudio L Bassetti, Acting President of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN), highlighted the unprecedented circumstances under which the globe is currently operating. With 130,000 worldwide deaths owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, he noted the cancellation of the sixth physical Congress in Paris, in favour of this first ever virtual Congress.

The outcome is undoubtedly a success, with over 42,000 registered attendees, making it the largest neurological meeting ever held. Sharing the potential for learning from this, Prof Bassetti remarked that future congresses may be made hybrid to enable attendance by those who are unable to physically attend due to constraints such as travel and time.

Slide 2: Opening presentation, EAN Congress 2020: Vision and mission of the EAN

Slide 7: Opening presentation, EAN Congress 2020: the burden of neurology

In addition to free attendance for all who register, and live sessions to choose from across the long weekend, all sessions were made available on-demand to EAN members from 27th May, meaning that the learning available from the Congress can be accessed and processed at each member’s leisure.

The Congress covered a wide range of topics, both scientific and vocational (see the programme online). Various Neurology Academy Faculty members who attended the Congress will be providing their thoughts on some of these sessions over the coming weeks.

One of the highlights was the presentation on CADASIL, examining the work by Marie-Germaine Bousser, Hugues Chabriat, Anne Joutel and Elisabeth Tournier-Lasserve. This groundbreaking research on the clinical, genetic, cellular and molecular basis of a brain syndrome, known as CADASIL was awarded the Brain Prize 2019. The lecture itself, which took place at 10.41 on 24th May, can be accessed online, and has already had 1103 views.

Further information

Tweets pertaining to the Congress can be found using the hashtag #EAN2020

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