Launching the new On-Demand Parkinson’s Advanced MasterClass 2

14 Oct 2022

A brand new virtual Parkinson's Advanced MasterClass is now available on-demand via our website!

Whilst we personally favour the atmosphere and camaraderie created at our in-person courses, we are aware that for some of you, attending an in-person course is challenging. For this reason, we developed an on-demand version of the Foundation and Advanced MasterClasses in Parkinson's. 168 of you have chosen to 'attend' these since we opened them last year and have highlighted the benefits of having this option available.

“I have carer responsibilities for my wife and child as well as significant staffing issues on my base ward which makes it difficult for me to go to a hotel for a few days. The virtual on demand platform was invaluable. The topics were well chosen and at an appropriate level. In particular I found the lectures on the atypical parkinsonian syndromes and the mental health focused lectures very useful.”

A delegate from virtual Parkinson’s Advanced MasterClass, 2021

We have adapted many of our courses to enable real-time virtual attendance through our unique hybrid model, yet for our international audience, time differences can still make attendance challenging.

This is where our on-demand MasterClasses are the perfect solution - and we are constantly updating them to reflect the latest research, cutting edge science and optimal practice.

We are thrilled to be launching the second iteration of our Parkinson's Advanced, complete with brand new content from expert speakers across the past year including a session on case based ethics by Dr Benjamin Glickstein, early treatment options by Dr Neil Archibald and many more!

​“Honestly got a huge amount out of most of the sessions. Patient perspective session was great - it really 'reset' my practice after the last year when compassion fatigue was creeping in. It has made me reflect on how I deliver diagnoses to all of my patients and their carers and reiterated how important it is to look at individual circumstances. And pregnancy in PD hadn't even crossed my mind, got me doing some reading!”

Delegate feedback from virtual Parkinson’s Advanced MasterClass, 2021

Enrol on the new On-Demand Parkinson’s Advanced MasterClass here.

Or, if you or your colleagues would prefer to begin with the basics, we're currently working on a new and updated Parkinson's Foundation On-Demand too, available in the next few months. Subscribe to our mailing list to find out more!

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