Neurology Academy Christmas newsletter 2021


Sarah Gillett

Managing Director, Neurology Academy

What a packed year! We have delivered so many different courses this year, playing 'catch up' from those inevitably delayed by the pandemic, and are pleased that MS Cutting Edge on 10th December was the last to be rescheduled and was a phenomenal climax to the end of the year.

We have had some incredible posters submitted as part of the intermodule workplace projects across all our Academies and the impact on local services from each person's efforts is truly transformative. This year, many projects in Parkinson's focused on bone health and managing frailty, and as a result we are working on a national report to showcase evidence and best practice models, as well as to highlight learning around the country.

Our first courses in spinal muscular atrophy, Alzheimer's and Lewy body dementia all took place this Autumn, and we continue to diversify our programmes, with possible education for MS coordinators, neurology nurses just on the horizon, and a Stroke Academy in the pipeline for next year. Anyone interested in becoming a faculty member, mentor or delegate in one of these areas, please do let us know. If you have a special interest in an area not yet covered and are interested in becoming an Academic Faculty lead, we are always open to consider the potential of delivering further education where there is need, a number of our Academies have started this way.

Finally, a huge thank you to the whole Academy team - staff, faculty, speakers and mentors - for driving and delivering incredible education at a time when it has been greatly needed, it hasn’t been an easy year, but the team have worked so hard to deliver our educational programmes to the highest standards and safety and I wish you all a safe Christmas and Happy New Year!

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