New treatments on the horizon for Parkinson's

20 Jan 2021

A paper publishing the current research trials into Parkinson's treatments has highlighted the significant progress being made into drug therapies for the condition.

The article, published in the Journal of Parkinson's Disease, sought to raise awareness of the variety and breadth of current research and to encourage collaboration between commercial and academic researchers, and between the research and patient communities.

The review found that there are currently 145 registered and ongoing trials ongoing in Parkinson's drug therapies, breaking them down into categories. In terms of the progress and phase of the trials:

  • 51 were Phase 1 (35% of the total number of trials),

  • 66 were Phase 2 (46%),

  • 28 were Phase 3 (19%).

By general theme:

  • 57 trials (39%) focused on long-term disease modifying therapies

  • 88 trials (61%) focused on therapies for symptomatic relief

  • 50 (34% ) trials were testing repurposed therapies.

McFarthing, Kevin et al. ‘Parkinson’s Disease Drug Therapies in the Clinical Trial Pipeline: 2020’. 1 Jan. 2020 : 757 – 774.

Find the review here.

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