Next step in personalised medicine to revolutionise Parkinson’s care

23 Oct 2018

Ray Chaudhuri

, Professor in movement disorders and neurology at King’s College Hospital (KCH), has produced his latest piece of research in Parkinson’s care and management – the development of a personalised medicines checklist.The Director of the National Parkinson's Foundation Centre of Excellence at King’s Health Partners (comprising King’s College London and KCH) has been presenting his latest piece along the theme of personalised medicine in Parkinson’s to the International Congress of Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders this week. He has presented an academic poster entitled ‘Toolkit for delivery of holistic personalised medicine for Parkinson’s disease: first description of a personalised medicine checklist’.

In a recorded interview last year, Professor Chaudhuri referred to the need for a checklist or toolkit that would likely need developing in the future, as he discussed the next steps required in developing personalised medicine for people living with Parkinson’s. He notes several factors to consider, such as a person’s age, genetics, lifestyle, clinical presentations, time living with Parkinson’s, ethnicity, and a number of other elements.Professor Chaudhuri has recently received the Van Andel 2018 Award for his outstanding research contributions and continuous commitment to his Parkinson’s patients. Our sincere congratulations, and our thanks go to him for the incredible contribution that he continues to make to advancing care for Parkinson’s.

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